Our Team

Our Team

Oliver Huang

Oliver Huang is a Junior at Princeton High School and serves as Director of Operations. Outside of YLDP, Oliver is Captain of the Princeton High School Speech and Debate team and competes in extemporaneous speaking. He’s quarterfinaled at the Yale University Invitational, placed 3rd at the NJ state tournament, and qualified for the Extemp Tournament of Champions. Besides speech, Oliver enjoys cooking and studying international relations.

Ananya Madireddy

I have been a part of YLDP since I was in 5th grade where I first started as a student, then in 8th grade, I started learning about my role as a Youth Leader. Outside of YLDP, I use my public speaking and leadership skills to fulfill my role as a Student Ambassador, Co-Founder of the South Asian Student Society, and more in my school. In YLDP, I am currently a Youth Mentor and Director of the Program Management Team where I help develop the curriculum, train new youth leaders, and expand the program.

Varshaa Krushnakumar

Hello! I’m Varshaa, a current sophmore at Monroe Township High School and youth leader as well as director of YLDP’s program management team. I was a YLDP student from 7th – 8th grade before joining the marketing team. From there, I became a youth leader in training for the winter 2022 session of YLDP and have been a youth leader ever since the spring session of that same year. Within YLDP, I’ve helped organize events and redesign the curriculum, as well as work with the social media and training new youth leaders. Outside of YLDP, I am on my schools Model UN team as well as the COO of another youth led non-profit organization aimed at helping orphanages in Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Vidur Jannapureddy

Hi! I’m Vidur. I am a current sophmore at Robbinsville Highschool. At YLDP, I am a youth leader and I serve as co-director of the Operations and Innovations team. I first joined YLDP in 5th grade as a student. I became a youth leader in training for the fall 2022 session, and became a youth leader after that. Outside of YLDP, I am on my schools robotics team(FRC 2590), I started a quantum computing club, and I have a project in the field of quantum computing that aims to target the issue of poor disease detection in the world.

Hasini Nandyala

Hasini Nandyala is a freshman at Bordentown Regional High School. She joined YLDP as a student in third grade and now has been a youth leader in training for over a year. She is also a part of the marketing team. She was a finalist for the Monmouth University Summit for a speech on sustainable solutions. She also joined her school’s debate team this year and has won a few debates, her school placing 2nd in the league, and competed in model UN conferences. Other than public speaking, Hasini loves to read, bake, and listen to music.

Tanay Samnani

My name is Tanay Samnani, a current sophomore at Robbinsville High School and a current youth leader in training at YLDP. I first started YLDP in 7th grade and eventually become a Youth Leader in training in 9th grade, during the 2022 Spring session. I am currently on the finance team, and help with things such as payments, manipulation of budgets, and organising funds. Some things that I do outside of YLDP include being on the school’s Model UN team, a member of the track and cross country team at my school, and taking in part of being a founder of a Aerospace club.

Ayesha Azam

Ayesha is a junior at Lawrence High School. She is currently a youth leader in training at YLDP and is aspiring to become a permanent part of the team. Most of her outside of school time is consumed by DECA. Ayesha loves to read, listen to music and spend time with her friends in her free time.

Anish Gudipati

My name is Anish Gudipaati. I am currently a youth leader at YLDP. I have spent about 3 sessions as a student. Some of my accomplishments include introducing public speaking to a village in India through YLDP. I am also the founder of a successful public speaking based club in my school.

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