Advisors and Board Members


Arun Kumar Bhaskara-Baba

LEAN Six Sigma Certificate - Advisor

Mr. William Trusheim

Dr. Trusheim is the President of the New Jersey Alliance for Social, Emotional, and Character Development, the organization that administers the New Jersey Schools of Character Program. He has served as a teacher, department chairman, supervisor, director, assist principal, and principal. Dr. Trusheim is also a course designer, instructor, and Resource Center Director for the SEL Academy, an SEL Credentialing Program for School Leaders, which is a program of the college of Saint Elizabeth and Rutgers University.

Gbenga Oladeji

Gbenga Oladeji is an accomplished inverstment professional with experience spinning private equality, real assets, traditional asset management, and risk management. He is a Toastmaster memnber, a mentor, and parent that has supported YLDP over the years.

Cecilia Jackson

Cecilia jackson is the Founder of the YLDP. She is very passionate about developing children's skills including public speaking, leadership, and mindfulness. As a Human Resources professional, she understands the need to develop the interpersonal skills required for 2020 and beyond.

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